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  • West Africa Marine Service Limited provides test and inspection services for tanks and all types of vessels.

  • We involve ship store repairs, spare parts, ship ropes, deck hardware, equipment and machinery repairs.

  • We work harder to resolve client’s problem, not to make money only. We can offer permanent and temporary repair solutions above or below the waterline.

  • We arrive fully prepared and equipped to act as an independent unit and accomplish their goals.

  • West Africa Marine Service Limited is responsible for repairing and maintaining the vessels effectively and efficiently, anywhere in African cities like Cote D'Ivoire and Djibouti.

  • The major reason for making Comoros underwater hull cleaning an integral part of planned maintenance is to reduce the cost of fuel. To know more about the services, please pay us a visit. We will be glad to serve you!!!

  • Maintenance of the ship is imperative for its effective functioning. Any damage to the ship while sailing can become a threat to the crew members. The problems in the underwater parts of the ship cannot be detected by naked eyes. T

  • The underwater services you can get access to, include: Underwater cutting, Underwater welding, Rudder repair, Zinc anode repair, Fabrication of custom blanks, Bow thrust repair, Sealing stern tube glands and many more.

  • Welcome to visit our website. Let's work together.

  • Wed like to share what we know and what we can do with you. Please dont hestitate to contact us if you have any question.

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