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We can  handle all trading of products as below.

1, Wire rope-diameter 2mm-90mm, thimble,clip,socket.
2, Anchor,Anchor chain-shackle,swivel.
3, Pumps-oil pump,sewage pump,boiler feed pump,sea water pump,etc.
4, Lashing Materials-turnbuckle,midlock,twistle lock,turnbuckle,etc.
5, Deck hardware-chock,bollard,windows,doors,etc.
6, Ladders-gangway ladder,extension ladder,accomadation ladder,etc
7, Anode-Zinc,Aluminum,etc
8, Deck Machinery-Winch,grab,crane,etc
9,Spare part for Chinese made equipment.
10,Rigging hardware,all kinds of hook,slings,etc.
11,Mooring rope,pp rope,etc
12,Lifeboat, Liferaft with davit,etc.
13,Rubber fender and packing.


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